Freedom of Marriage

Israel is the only democratic nation in the world in which Jews are only permitted to marry in one way, if at all.  This is a central battle for us at Israel Hofsheet as believe that freedom of marriage is a basic right.  Freedom of marriage should be available to those who do not wish to marry, for a variety of reasons, through the rabbinate, as well as for those who cannot marry through the rabbinate: different streams of Judaism, LGBTs, people without religion, and those who are disqualified, for various reasons, from marrying.


From a battle that began as a campaign to raise consciousness, the freedom of marriage campaign has, in 2014, a call to demand civil marriage for everyone!

Freedom of MarriageBe Free Israel's protest- Tel Aviv

What are we doing about Freedom of Marriage?


-Massive field campaign to boycott rabbinate-sanctioned marriages


-Popular viral online campaign featuring celebrities and regular people—to raise awareness and influence elected officials


-Promoting Jewish pluralism


-Awareness raising activities at gay parades throughout the country


-Demonstrations in front of the Rabbinate, Ben Gurion Airport, and throughout the country

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