Jewish Pluralism

Israel Hofsheet believes that the Jewish state should be the home of ALL Jews of all of the different expressions of Judaism.  If Israel is to remain Jewish it must allow anyone who sees him or herself as Jewish to take part in the religion, and not to allow the religious extremes in our midst to be the gatekeepers of who is and who is not a Jew.  Indeed this as a strategic necessity for Israel to maintain its Jewish character, and for its connection with the Jews of the diaspora, many of whom are Reform and Conservative.  For political reasons Israel has allowed the extreme religious right to monopolize issues of religion and state, but we do not need to continue to go along with the exclusion of the different streams of Judaism from the public sphere.  The time has come to end this monopoly and allow people the freedom to be Jewish in all of its different expressions, including the secular Israeli expression shared by the majority of Israelis. 

Jewish PluralismPhotography: Michal Fattal.

Israel Hofsheet invites representatives of all streams of Judaism to participate in our events and it is our mission to advance equal rights to all of the streams,  to open up to pluralism and the range of viewpoints that Judaism has to offer.


This is what Zionism is to us.  This is our vision for keeping Israel both Jewish and Democratic.

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