Woman Segregation

The segregation of women in the public sphere is a phenomenon that has long ago crossed the border of Meah Shearim, and can now be found in all walks of life in Israel:


The silencing of women from public singing at local and national IDF events, separation of men and women at municipal events, separate bus lines for men and women, the removal of women’s images from public signs and packaging.


We believe that the presence of women in the public sphere is a basic and necessary human and civil right that should exist in a free and democratic state, and are doing everything we can do fight this terrible phenomenon.

Woman SegregationWoman singing event- Jerusalem, November 2011. Photography: Yossi Zamir

What are we doing to end the segregation of women?

-Together with other organizations we have raised the issue and placed it on the national agenda, where we are keeping it alive, as long as the phenomenon continues to exist.


-Together with residents of Beit Shemesh, we organized a thousand+ demonstration in the city against the increasingly alarming segregation and discrimination against women and girls, thereby raising the issue and putting it on the municipal agenda


-We get the media involved in helping to expose phenomena of segregation of women across the country


-We help organized rallies against the segregation of women on buses across the country


-We organized the Shir Le-Shviyon  (song for equality) project: holding public women’s singing events in the heart of Jerusalem


-We raise public awareness to instances of segregation and silencing of women at cemeteries


-We work closely with female ministers and MKs


-We are an address for public complaints on the issue

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